#002: Integrating Blockchain, Tokens and Textiles to Create Interactive Garments with Janett Liriano, CEO of Loomia - Wearable Tech 2.0 is here!

#002: Integrating Blockchain, Tokens and Textiles to Create Interactive Garments with Janett Liriano, CEO of Loomia - Wearable Tech 2.0 is here!

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In this week's episode of The IoClothes Podcast, we welcome Janett Liriano, CEO of Loomia to The IoClothes Podcast. Loomia is a technology company focused on delivering comfort, safety and confidence to the human experience. Today their core technology, Loomia Electronic Layer (LEL), is a fabric that can be patterned to be a circuit. We also learn more about their stance on privacy, as it relates to personal data, and how blockchain is helping enable that.

Show Notes

" The reason we've seen some resistance to the adoption of wearables is because you need to build solutions around a product. " The Loomia Electronic Layer (LEL) is designed to be easily integrated in the manufacturing process they're already using. " It's important for Loomia to be members of both AFFOA and NextFlex because they both are helping build independently important elements of the smart textiles supply chain, manufacturing, education, workforce development and nurturing important core technologies critical to growth of the industry. " Loomia published a whitepaper in August 2017 on personal privacy and their position on data collection. They believe that ownership is that of the wearer and the user has then the right to monetize it if they choose. " The Loomia Title is built on the blockchain. This will enable both users and brand partners to access approved sets of data and exchange token safely and securely.
" Loomia recognizes the importance of data security. Being able to utilize the structure of the blockchain, risk of data breaches for both the user and partner companies comes down dramatically. " Crystal Ball Question: 3-5 years from now the smart textiles, smart apparel and smart footwear will look a lot different. The consumer will expect greater functionality and connectivity in their clothes. Clothes that heat up or have embedded sensing technologies will be minimum standards and be the expectation of the customer.

For more information on Loomia. Check out their website at https://www.loomia.com. Read their whitepaper go blockchain, tokens and how their shaping the future of apparel head over to https://loomia.com/token/.

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